Not much to report, my health continues to make my life difficult.

Weirdly I also forgot to practice Duolingo, so it’s a good thing I had a Streak Freeze available.

Wordle: six, my starter was CHASE
Connections: perfect, Yellow > Green > Blue > Purple (wouldn’t have guessed the Purple)

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  1. Steve says:

    Wordle in 4. That could have been ugly.

    A busy day in the orifice yesterday. I can always find things to do when on site and that makes the day go quickly. Even when it involves idiots who don’t want to make my firewall rule changes!

    Looks like Sunday would be a better day for a bike ride, Barb, but I’d be game for late Saturday as well. Comet?

    50 minutes hard on the trainer last night. Maybe a little basketball later today- I watch very little during the season, but always manage to get sucked in to March Madness TM.


  2. I’m really frustrated about this pain which has taken away my confidence to go out for a long bike ride, especially since I convinced myself to bring the bike on this trip.

    When it warms up a bit I’ll hobble around on a walk just to get some sort of exercise, and stretch when I return to the house.

  3. Sally says:

    Have you tried biking at all? Who knows…it might feel better.
    Wordle: I had the first 3 letters and the last. Do you know how many words that could have been. Way too many. Nothing but a guessing game. I fared better at Connections: blue, yellow, green, purple. Strands was a piece of cake.

    Was going to run this morning but had no motivation. A friend called late so I didn’t get to sleep til late. Getting caught up on Ghosts. Finished a book and started a new one. Finished my NCAA bracket. That’s also a guessing game. Otherwise not much to report.

    • No, I am nervous to go out by myself because I don’t know how my body will react. This pain has never happened to me before, so I have no point of reference. I do know that it hurts a lot to walk when I first start, but then the pain subsides, so I feel more confident walking. Plus, I am much closer to the house if tragedy strikes.

      • Steve says:

        I find my back warms up as I ride, so the pain subsides.

        Stay close to home while you get warmed up and see how it goes.

        • David says:

          Did y’all know my favorite Talking Heads album is called “Stop Making Sense”?

          • As should everyone’s.

            I hope you are not taking a shot at me for being cautious. It is likely that my body, once warmed, would be fine. It is also possible that at mile twenty my body will be in such pain, and I will be alone, and thus I will need to be rescued. I cannot afford to take such a risk.

          • David says:

            There’s cautious and there’s paralyzed. Cautious was me hiking 7.6 miles on Saturday while taking lots of breaks and enduring one ugly moment where I slipped on a downhill. Cautious was also attempting 3 miles of the Gahuti trail and getting to the main road and realizing the other 6 were unsustainable that day and to be accomplished when I’m feeling better. We found a mountain bike path we could take back to the cars that much much easier on me. Paralyzed would have been skipping the hike because my knees hurt like hell. I figured fuck it, my knees hurt at home, they might as well hurt on the trail too.

            It was a jab at your binary mindset. “I can either go for a long ride, or no ride at all.” Why wouldn’t a test ride around the neighborhood make sense? Motion is very much lotion.

            It is indeed your body and your decision. It is also your choice to disregard meaningful and caring gestures of support. You truly get to choose your adventure.

            FYI, AAA offers roadside assistance for cyclists: https://living.acg.aaa.com/auto/bicycle-roadside-assistance/

            Pain is a motherfucker and it doesn’t have to be a dealbreaker. I choose to see it as a constraint that I have to work within. Cautiously. Fuck paralysis. Been there, done that. I’m beyond over it.

          • [rant deleted]

            You all have a good day.

          • David says:

            For the record, I learned the phrase “motion is lotion” from my physical therapist. Damn it, she’s right.

          • Jenka says:

            ^That sounds so dirty.

          • David says:

            Ooh-la-la! 😉

  4. Barb says:

    Bike ride last night – its been way too long since I’ve ridden – the assist on the hills was awesome though.
    Was planning to go again tonight, but then Allan remembered (this morning) that he was supposed to be working an OT day today (ooops – he’s a little late for the 0700am start time). I may go out by myself – or maybe I’ll just go for a walk after work. We will see. I do need to go get 1 lottery ticket….. I’d be ok winning all that money.

    • Steve says:

      Both tickets for Tuesday and Wednesday’s drawings were busts.

      • Barb says:

        so I need to buy 2 tickets – 1 of each.
        And 1 Cash for Life – that would be my ideal winner – not a lump sum, just money coming in all the time

  5. David says:

    Wordle in 3 after moving a single partial match around twice. I’ll take that. Clean Connections. Purple was idiotic but less so than yesterday. I finally untangled Strands last night, and went back for a Wordle fail because I couldn’t see LINGO to save my life and I was tired to care. Strands was a lot easier today.

    There is definitely something to chasing down and resolving one’s lifelong emotional challenges, no matter how long it takes. Yesterday I had a breakthrough that is going give one of my businesses a competitive advantage. I’ve been trying to crack this particular nut for several years now. Recently I figured out how to solve the problem in Excel, yesterday I nailed it down in MySQL which means it’s out of my head and the web development team can now start implementing it. Glory hallelujah!

  6. Jenka says:

    Happy Thursday, although really it’s my Friday! Tomorrow we’re off to Ft Myers to watch the Red Sox and Braves at spring training. Originally I had thought we’d come back Monday but I have an important meeting first thing Monday morning so we’ll come back Sunday after the game.

    I did an auto-fill March Madness bracket which has UConn winning it all.

  7. Bob says:

    Happy Thursday! Been a busy week.
    Tennis practice last night and I played like shit, hopefully that means I’ll play much better in my match on Saturday. Praying to the rain gods for the storm to come through Friday night so it will be dry enough Saturday morning. Planning make up matches is a pain in the ass.
    HOA meeting tonight so no ramble, I’ll get a ride in after work though.
    Bowling tomorrow night, shooting for another 200+ game.
    Tennis match Saturday and supporting Laura running a Yeti race Sunday.
    Been wanting a motorcycle ride lately, maybe next weekend I can fit it in. Although we are leaving for Florida on Sunday so maybe not.
    Why do I pack my schedule so full? Oh well, at least it’s fun 🙂
    Paulie I hope you can get out for at least a short ride to see if you have any pain. Also hope you get it sorted before STU

  8. Barb says:

    Finally got a call about the Emory Brain study I’m in – they said we’d do it again in 2 years & I was thinking – should I call them? But- I looked it up, & it was May 2022 when I did all the tests.
    The next available appt for the cognitive tests is July 22!

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