It has been a week since I drove to Florida and started having terrible pain. Things are getting worse, not better.

Wordle: five, my starter was REACH
Connections: perfect, Purple > Yellow > Blue > Green

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  1. Steve says:

    Wordle in 3! (4 yesterday and 3 on Saturday).

    Friday night, I made it through rush hour traffic to enjoy the K0fC fish fry for hash happy hour. Nice to catch up with a few folks IRL that I only see in cyber space. We also had some well done slight of hand magic performed for our table (along with just a bit of religion- after all, it was a fundraiser for KofC).

    Saturday, I got a chance to exercise my chain saw at David’s before heading into the office. Quick work of the fallen limbs. Made good use of my time waiting in the office and was done before 2.

    Sunday was a nice 30 miles on the Comet. David somehow managed to flip a stick into the air with his wheel which hit me in the side of the head (and drew blood!).

    So what is your plan with your pain? Complaining to us, while mildly satisfying to you, doesn’t seem to be a curative. Doc in a box? Waiting to see your regular doc here doesn’t seem to be a good plan.


    • I don’t have a plan as yet. I’m still learning the ins and outs of Kaiser.

      The baseball game for which we have gathered is today, and not tomorrow, so I will hobble around today.

      • I will be scheduling a physical, and a visit to a cardiologist, upon my return to Atlanta Friday.

        • David says:

          Serious question: why wait? Why not schedule it today, so that you have a shorter waiting period when you get back? One of the best pieces of advice that I was given during my years of therapy was “do the opposite thing”. When my brain starts freezing up on something, doing the opposite entails doing the very thing I don’t want to do. And then it’s done. Rinse and repeat, and over time inaction gets replaced by action. And yes, it truly is that simple. I didn’t believe it at first either. Inertia is a motherfucker. Maybe compromise and schedule one appointment today, and then defer the rest? Baby steps do wonders. You can do it.

          • I guess my wording was off. I intend to make appointments now for when I return. I also have to find out if I have jury duty next week.

          • David says:

            That’ll work on the appointments!

            Jury duty is such a fucking wildcard. With any luck your group will be told to stay home.

      • Sally says:

        You have Kaiser. Go to any Kaiser facility. Everything you need is in one place. How much longer will you be down there? Might be worth it to check things out before the drive back. Will you be back for Easter?

    • Barb says:

      Steve – we were at Holy Cross Catholic Church (I was trying to figure out what KofC was short for). Or – what does that mean?

    • David says:

      Steve absolutely did me a solid on Saturday. We got done in 45 minutes what would have taken me several hours, and would have aggravated the hell out of my knee. We loaded the branches on his truck and rolled them down to the curb. I’d probably still have a chaotic backyard otherwise. I did indeed whap him in the face with a stick, I couldn’t have done a better job if I tried. We were rolling up on the Brushy Mountain Tunnel, and there were cones on the right marking a rockslide. A dude was running along about to enter the tunnel, and so in trying to avoid the cones, the dude, and make sure that I didn’t front-end someone coming the other way I ran full speed over a sizable stick. Fortunately I had given Steve a four-pack of this for his trouble on Saturday, so he had something to numb his pain with: https://www.moodytongue.com/team-member/caramelized-chocolate-churro-porter/

      My friend’s band, False Hearted Lovers, played a set on Saturday at the Grant Park Porch Fest. I’m sure there’ll be an EAV Porch Fest soon enough.

      Barb and Steve saved me from myself yesterday. In my mind, a Silver Comet ride is Florence Road to Rockmart and back, or 50ish miles. The rest of my body could have done 50 miles, but about 25 miles in my butt started saying “oh hell no.” It has motivated me to get my butt on a bike seat more often. Allan joined us for part of the ride, wasn’t feeling it, and turned around. We rolled to Rockmart, caught our breath, and then rolled back to Rambo. Allan was feeling better by the time we got back.

      Cycling was definitely good for my knee. I did a two-hour epsom salt soak yesterday afternoon just for good measure, and last night and today I’ve started approximating a normal gait again. I’ll go see a PT soon enough if this doesn’t resolve on its own, but I have enough PT experience to know how to rehab myself, so here’s hoping.

    • Stacy Fox says:

      It was so nice to see you again on Friday Steve! I still don’t know how he did some of those magic tricks. 🙂 That was fun. One of my favorite hash happy hour traditions.

  2. Barb says:

    are you buddies staying with you?
    no stories of drunkenness this weekend?
    Come on……

  3. I’m very suspect about today’s Wordle. 😉

  4. Sally says:

    Wordle in 3! No hints for you. lol. 2 mistakes in Connections: yellow, blue, green, purple. Strands was beyond me.

    Stayed in a cute little cabin at Mountain Cove Farms Resort. I hardly would call it a resort. Ran a 50k trail race with close to 5000 ft of climb. Beautiful area with lots of trails and mountain bike trails and dirt roads. It’s on Wildlife Management land so you have to get a license or permit to be on the property. I got a senior yearly hunting/fishing combo for 7 dollars. :). Might have to go back up and do some fishing.

    Yesterday I did the Black Sheep Hash. It was a smaller crowd than usual. But what a gorgeous day to be outside.

    • I’m starting to decipher the Strands puns, so I sorta knew for what I was looking today.

      “Sign Language”, so I thought:
      – words on street signs?
      – star signs?
      – sign language for the deaf?

      And went from there.

  5. Barb says:

    busy enough weekend –
    Friday night fish fry – the catfish was tasty.

    Saturday – a walk to Waffle House for breakfast, needed some excercise before we then headed to Ellijay/Talking Rock/wherever in the country for some winery time – friends had relatives in town. Ott Farm was way too crowded, then a new to us one CANOE was not so busy – and their wine (we got a bottle of Cab Franc) was tasty enough.

    Sunday- 30 mile ride on SCT was enough – I’m really realizing I’ve got a little arthritis in my hands – they really start to hurt.
    Anyone ever tried arthritis creams? Do they work? My back & butt need to get in shape for STU – but – I’ll power thru with the help of Aleve/Advil/Tylenol/whatever I find in my cabinet.

    • Steve says:

      My chiro does a “thing” for my wrists which seems to help a bit. Never used any creams. I think my real problem is carpal tunnel, and I believe there is a reasonably new technique for treating it.

    • David says:

      My “wife” has a lot of success using veterinary acupuncture on aging pets, so if my hands were doing that I’d go see a human acupuncturist. Back in the day, when she was learning she tried using me as a human pin cushion a couple times. That shit hurt like hell, but looking back, a lot of that was due to my emotional state at the time. If I do go see a PT for my knee, most likely she’s going to dry needle the muscles around my knee. It hurts when she’s doing it, but my body responds well to it.

      As for cremes, I think Voltaren is probably the best option. It used to be prescription only but is now available anywhere.

      • Barb says:

        acupuncture – not a bad idea.
        since I haven’t been riding much, I haven’t really thought a lot about the pain, it is annoying here typing, but nothing that horrible. But – on the bike yesterday, it was VERY annoying.
        Since we will be riding more this month to get ready for STU – I’ll have to come up with some plan. We plan to ride Tuesday & Wednesday night (if the weather allows) & I’ll know then if I really need to do something.

        • Since it’s only a few weeks away I hope I will be able to ride at STU.

          • Barb says:

            best part of STU is you can ride as much (or as little) as you feel like it.
            I need to get with my boss about working out there, and getting a few hours off to ride (but I don’t really want to take vacation day)

  6. Steve says:

    And for breakfast today, a recently discovered bagel that got lost in the freezer! SCORE!

  7. Jenka says:

    I am not 100% sure, but I’m *pretty* sure, that the first time I met Barb, Steve, and Allan was when they all showed up with a chain saw to cut down a tree in Martha’s/Laura’s back yard.

    I had a great weekend! It poured rain on Friday, we had to borrow n umbrella from the front desk to go to dinner. After dinner we just went back to our room and watched March Madness. Saturday the game was not until 6:00 pm so we had a leisurely lunch and then we walked down to the Edison and Ford Winter Estates museum, about a mile from downtown Ft Myers. Both Edison and Ford had winter estates right next to each other, pretty much the same complex. The houses are perfectly preserved and I could see how being there in January would be better than being in Michigan or New Jersey. 🙂 The game on Saturday against the Twins was great, lots of starters played. It did get chilly eventually. Sunday we got up and checked out and headed to the stadium with our luggage. The Red Sox were playing the Braves and all the Braves starters played and we were right near home plate. The airport is literally right across the road from the stadium so we were there in plenty of time for our flight. I was exhausted by the time we got home around 8:30. I went to bed early but I am still feeling it.

    Anyway, what a wonderful weekend!

    • Barb says:

      sounds like a fun weekend Jenka.
      And yes – I do think we 1st met so long ago at Martha’s house.

  8. David says:

    A rare Betsy sighting in the wild just now, at Joe’s.

  9. Barb says:

    hey Steve – Emory just called – I am doing my cognitive study at 1pm Tomorrow!
    Don’t have to wait until July after all. They had a cancelation.
    So – guess I will get to go get my MRI & all that crap sooner than later.

  10. Bob says:

    Crazy but fun weekend here!
    Friday at bowling I rolled another 200+ game, pretty happy about that. For the league I have the high scratch game and am tied for high scratch series. This league has been fun! Laura is killing it too, she rolled a 150 in her first game on Friday and I think has the third highest scratch game.
    Saturday had to put in some effort to dry the tennis courts so we could start our matches. We normally start at 9 but couldn’t start until 11. Makes for a long morning but we won our match. 6 games to 0 in the first set and they came alive in the second but we still won 6 games to 4.
    Sunday was Laura’s turn, she ran the Yeti 7-11. There is a just under 4 mile loop that she repeated for 7 hours. She got 7 loops in for 27 miles. I did support so filling water bottles and cooking brats for post race was my job, well schlepping everything to and from the cars was also a big part of my job 🙂
    Another busy week with soccer games, bike rides and whatever else I pack in to my schedule. Oh yeah, pack for Florida next week too.
    We decided this morning that we didn’t want to drive 9 hours to Ft Myers so booked a flight. Expensive last minute flight but will be better than driving and really don’t need a car for the week. We rented a car for the weekend to get to Orlando. Now just booking fun stuff to do in Key West.

    Paulie I hope you get a diagnosis for what ails you and get a treatment plan. It sucks seeing you so down and not able to get out due to being in pain.

    • Steve says:

      Bob, we decided yesterday that we needed a bowling evening and decided NOT to invite you- F’ing ringer!!!

    • Barb says:

      9 hours is a longggg drive- but we had other stops when we did it – so, it was easier to have my car.
      I bet the plane tickets weren’t cheap less than a week out.

    • Jenka says:

      Having literally just done this flight yesterday, I can tell you it’s such an easy flight. An hour and 15 minutes versus 9 hours in the car.

  11. Jenka says:

    Fuck. I just realized that I’m supposed to go to the Hawks game tonight. But I’m so tired!

    • David says:

      I spaced out on lunch today with a friend that I haven’t seen in years. Thankfully she was very gracious about it. I told her lunch is on me when we get it rescheduled. If I don’t put shit on my calendar then all bets are off.

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