In my travels yesterday I discovered that Jack’s Pizza and Wings has closed. This town is in serious trouble of losing all of its cool dive bars and restaurants. This closure may have happened a long time ago, but I rarely drive that part of Highland any longer.

Wordle: four, my starter was REACH
Connections: perfect, Purple > Blue > Yellow > Green

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  1. Barb says:

    wordle in 3 – that was a very lucky 3rd guess

    My last full day here in Iowa – got plenty to do to try to make my brother’s next week a little easier. Flight is way too early in the morning tomorrow – but I did get upgraded to Comfort – so at least its a little more comfortable seat. Who knows – maybe a 1st class upgrade – but I’m lowly silver medallion – I’m sure someone will be above me on the upgrade list.

    And Paulie – I never actually booked that upgrade for the Amsterdam flight – and the price went up. So – who knows if it will go back down, or we save the money & stay in main cabin.

    • Good luck with everything.

      I’m finally going to book my flights this weekend.

    • Jenka says:

      The annoying thing is that every flight is so full these days that there’s almost no probability of getting upgraded. And then so many people have high status that the upgrade list is a MILE long. It’s impossible.

      • Barb says:

        well – short flights no one will pay for comfort (or FC) – so the upgrade is always a possibility. But – my lowly status doesn’t get me too high on the list. A Saturday morning flight helps – as I’d guess most people flying are business fliers.

  2. Jenka says:


    Is Jack’s the one across from the Highland Bakery? I *think* it closed a while ago, but I also never go down that stretch so I’m not sure when.

    Took Finn to Six Feet last night, love that place. We’ve had him for 2.5 weeks and I am so ready for him to go to his mother’s for the next 5 days.

    Maybe you’ve heard, although of course you don’t care, that Emory’s graduation ceremonies got moved up to the Gas South convention center in Duluth. Candler’s ceremony is tomorrow morning bright and early so I am staying at the spectacular Westin attached to the convention center tonight. Ugh.

    • Jenka says:


      • Barb says:

        sorry Jenka – and I wasn’t even trying.

        Emory doesn’t have a facility on campus big enough?

        Long long ago, I worked very near that arena – when it didn’t have a sponsor name. I’d think by now they’d have a decent restaurant or 2 in the area, but for sure there should be a sports bar.
        We always eat cheap Mexican food at the place in the Kroger shopping center before going to a hockey game.

        • That is the place. It is now something calle “The Cooking School”?

          My buddy Hank has to come to GSU tomorrow night for his step-daughter’s high school graduation, from Dunwoody High. What’s up with these ceremonies?

          Cheap Mexican, Marlowe’s ?, you should be okay. 😉

        • Jenka says:

          Yes we do, we have it every year on campus. But this year there is the threat of violent protests, so we moved the location far, far away from campus.

  3. Though I’ve met now new amphibian friends, it’s a great morning to be out in WLF. I’ve seen a phallic mushroom, harvested some blackberries, and transplanted a mystery pepper? Past Farmer Paulie did a really shitty job labeling seed trays, so this will be an exiting revelation in the future.

  4. Seeing the price for a loaf of bread at the EAV Farmers Market last night —$7, $8, or $10 — has inspired me again to learn how to bake. Were I earning money I’d be open to supporting the little guy/gal, but I am hemorrhaging money, so can’t afford the luxury.

  5. HamWithCam says:

    Q: Do you know why we refer to them as the “Good Old Days”….?
    A: Because we were *younger* then.

    Think about it.

    73 de JG/HamWithCam
    P.S. — Has everybody ordered their “better, faster, neater” Apple M4 iPad Pro?
    (Full boat comes in North of $3,000!)

  6. Steve says:

    Wordle in 5 and coulda been 4.

    2 hours 20 minutes with the very nice young lady from the Healthy Brain Study. It makes you feel quite dumb at times. Im much better with numbers than words and I told her they need a different drawing to copy as its been the same for 8 years. MRI and lumbar puncture scheduled for the end of June.

    Over 2 inches since this brief monsoon started. A home a few miles away (closer to the old farm) took a direct lightning strike and was a total loss. Hopefully a ride later.


    • Barb says:

      did you get the MRI & Lumbar/blood on the same day?

      I seriously considered keeping that drawing & practicing to really mess with them in 2 years.

      • Steve says:

        I did and they were able to accommodate. Its not a day i would normally be in the office, so maybe i can swap days with Sam.

    • My buddy Hank just dropped out of the study because they refused to do the MRI due to surgical staples he has implanted.

      WLF caught about an inch of rain.

      Sucks for that homeowner.

      • Barb says:

        I would think staples might be bad in a MRI tube.
        But what do I know.
        I thought you could opt out of the MRI portion if you are one of those people who freak out in it.

        I have my blood work on Thurs 5/16

        • He didn’t have to drop out, but decided that without the “free” MRI the payout wasn’t worth it for him. I don’t think he’s bummed that he’s also not getting a “free” spinal tap.

  7. One of my Wordle guesses today was MENSA. I assumed Wordle would kick it out as a proper noun, but apparently “mensa” has other meanings? I suppose that if I were in Mensa I’d be smart enough to know that fact.

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